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Cooperative and collaborative communication and a mutually beneficial atmosphere for its community members who share venture capital and professional growth values
Exclusive priority access to venture capital deals with recommendations from reputable syndicators
Access to investors with impeccable business reputations and capital transparency
Our Values
The combined talent and experience of our members is unparalleled. We aim to create and maintain an environment where members can share their invaluable knowledge conveniently and comfortably.
The venture capital market is a competitive market for promising projects. We open opportunities for members, showcasing select and standout deals, usually reserved for sophisticated investors and professional VCs.
We have created a unique marketplace where experienced syndicate investors compete for members' attention based on the quality of their deals.
"As a fish needs water, an investor needs a network." Angelsdeck club members create a mutually beneficial community through their offline and online communications. These community dialogues are a direct result of the members' combined enthusiasm, aspiration and motivation.
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Club Founders
Igor Kaloshin

Igor Lutz

Dmitry Sutormin

Sergey Dashkov

Alexey Solovyov

AngelsDeck Club CEO. Igor began his career as a business angel and mentor for technology entrepreneurs in 2014. He has several experiences leading multinational companies, including 12 years at Intel. He is also the founder of

Igor is co-founder and partner of Untitled Ventures, an early-stage investment boutique concentrating on breakthrough technologies. He is also an advertising industry veteran and former CEO of BBDO Moscow and member of the Board of Directors of BBDO Group. He has devoted more than 20 years to marketing and media markets.
Dmitry is the managing partner and founder of the YellowRockets Venture Fund. He has invested in Playkey, RCML, Enaza, SkyparkCDN, Megapteka, Kubia, LiveMap, MyBuddy, ElectroNeek and DBrain.

Sergey is one Russia's most active angel investors ($22.22M portfolio) with over 25 years of entrepreneurial experience. He is a co-founder of the exclusive distributor of Ahmad Tea in Russia, SDC-Foods. He is nominated yearly as one of the most active business angels in Russia.

Founder of A.Partners investment firm.
Alexey came to the venture industry with managerial experience in the leading IT companies. Venture investor since 2011. Before creating A.Partners Alexey acted as the Managing Partner of prominent venture funds.

Sergey Mosunov

Sergey is a tech entrepreneur turned venture capitalist, General Partner at SMG Capital and investor in over 100 startup ventures. He is also the co-founder of B9 Digital Bank.

Renat Batyrov

He is founder of the Pilot – group of companies, Fabrika – first IT-park in Russia and 100 Captains – yachting community for the entrepreneurs, CEO in Skolkovo Technopark. Renat started his career as a business angel investor in 2020.

Igor Shoifot

Igor is an investment partner at TMT Investments, a venture capital firm focused on high-growth, internet-based companies across a variety of B2B and B2C sectors. He is also a board member of unicorn startups and founder of Startup Kotiki.

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